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  • БО БФ Дон Калабрія Україна
  • БО БФ Дон Калабрія Україна
  • БО БФ Дон Калабрія Україна
  • БО БФ Дон Калабрія Україна

Vision: Help children and adolescents who are in difficult living circumstances to find opportunities for a better life;

Mission: Improve the world together with children for their happy future.

Free social and psychological support for families with children who need help and protection



Don Calabria - this

We conduct a variety of activities such as trainings, workshops and more

monthly activities

~ 70

Received psychological, social, educational and humanitarian help



Improved the competence of parents and workers in the field of social child care


~ 1900



Over 1200 food sets were collected and provided

What are we doing? 

  1.  We provide food aid in the city of Dnipro

  2. In the cities of Kharkiv and Dnipro, psychosocial support and counseling for minors, especially aimed at displaced children, will be conducted mainly through the use of art therapy as a therapeutic tool aimed at improving their psycho-emotional state.


“Razom z Ukrainoiu zavzhdy – iniziativa di emergenza a sostegno della popolazione colpita dal conflitto in Ucraina, nelle regioni di Ivano Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv” – 06/UCR/012832

An art studio for children and teenagers in the city of Pokrovsk

In Pokrovsk, our heart is an art therapy studio where children and teenagers discover their creative potential, find psychological support and enjoy communication with their peers, creating their own unique childhood!

What are we doing? We conduct individual lessons with a speech therapist and psychologist. There is also group art therapy, Sunday school, cooking classes, board and sports games, hiking and various holidays.


Art space for Pokrovsk Children

Thanks to the support of the Bayer team, the hearts of children and teenagers in Pokrovsk are filled with joy and creativity! "Art Space for Pokrovsk Children", implemented at the initiative of Don Calabria Ukraine Charitable Foundation, is not only a place for creativity, but also gives children and teenagers the opportunity to gain new knowledge, psychological support and unforgettable emotions. 

photo_2024-05-13_17-02-47 (2).jpg

Сenter “Children in Embrace”

A space where the atmosphere itself will help stabilize the emotional state, subconsciously work through fears, reduce internal tension and work through aggression and the traumatic experience of war.

What do we do? We organize physical exercises for communication, interaction and cooperation; we also hold masterclasses, excursions and sports.


"Creative com.ora"

"Creative com.ora" is a cozy space where IDPs children and children from Stryi may happily spend their time. 

What do we do? We organise candle-making workshops, make plaster figures, draw on glass, weave, build huts, create fairy tales and various stories, make various delicacies together with the “Tortenyatko” confectionery and have various excursions to museums and parks.


Psychological art studios for children and adolescents affected by hostilities

Since October 2022, psychological assistance centers have been established in Kharkiv region (Kharkiv), Chernihiv region (Chernihiv), and Lviv region (Stryi). These are spaces of psychological support for children, adolescents, parents and guardians whose normal lives have been disrupted by war. This is a space to help IDP children. 


What do we do? We conduct art therapy classes and trainings with children and adults; we also provide counselling to parents.



"SvoiRidni (OurDears)" is an inclusive educational project. This is an attempt to talk about children with special needs in order to overcome the tension and fear that exists in society and is caused by a lack of knowledge on this topic.


The best way is to get to know each child. To learn what makes this child unique, to erase the boundaries and stop being afraid. Let's get to know each other


Let's do it together!

We are a small team but the need for help is very massive. We are constantly in need of volunteers who can help conduct various trainings, master classes or just help to organize any events.

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